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KONEPS is a single window for public procurement which provides integrated bid information for businesses. In the past, bidding information was made available in gazettes and newspapers. Now, however, it is legally required to be publicized in KONEPS. The bidding information includes estimated costs, technical specifications, and evaluation criteria. KONEPS is also a single repository of vender data for the entire public organization. With just a one-time registration with KONEPS , businesses can participate in all bidding opportunities. KONEPS was developed to enable all public organizations to utilize it. Therefore, the central and local governments, as well as state-owned enterprises can easily access it by logging on to KONEPS . In particular, PPS provides one-stop service through KONEPS by linking it with external systems. For example, KONEPS has links with 191 external systems including 21 surety companies, 16 construction associations, 8 certified authorities, and others.

Outline and Technology Base of KONEPS

A Single Window for Public Procurement

Importance of public procurement
  • All bids are legally required to be announced on KONEPS
  • Examples of bid information
    • End-user, project size, technical specification, and award criteria
One-time registration for public procurement
  • After registering, businesses can participate in all bids
Services for all public organizations
  • Joint use by all agencies from the central and local governments to state-owned enterprises by logging in KONEPS

Digitalized Processes from Order to Payment

Encompass the entire procurement process on a real-time basis
  • From contract request, invitation for bid, bidding, contract, and inspection through to payment
  • Provide one-stop service by linking KONEPS with external systems
    • End-user, project size, technical specification, and award criteria
Promote the e-shopping mall
  • Frequently ordered items sold through an e-catalogue
    • Items (MRO, construction materials, software, etc.) are pre-contracted and registered by PPS for the convenience of all public organizations