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About PPS

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Dear Procurement Families, As PPS Administrator, I am glad to greet you on our homepage.Procurement policy outcomes will be our top priority.

The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the opening of our organization. Over the past 70 years, the change and innovation has been made to the point where the expression of "convulsions of nature" cannot fully describe.

The relatively trivial PPS procurement volume of KRW 11.6 billion in 1961 skyrocketed by above 5,000 times to KRW 60 trillion in 2018. During the progress, the paradigm of procurement administration was shifted from analogue to digital. As a result, efficiency, transparency, and fairness in procurement administration have been dramatically enhanced.

Under the circumstance, the government is moving forward an "inclusive country" that lives well together, with three pillars of "innovative growth", "income-driven growth", and "fair economy". To this end, PPS will concentrate on four major procurement policies.

Those four procurement policies can be categorized as ■ job creation ■ innovative growth ■ fair procurement market for co-prosperity and cooperation ■ economic growth via early budget execution. They are pursued in the course of PPS budget execution, worth above KRW 60 trillion. While taking up such responsibility, PPS will transform itself to generate procurement policy outcomes to the extent where people can feel the difference. To do so, I will often pay visits to procurement firms to listen to their difficulties, and deal with them from the perspective of the private sector via innovative policies.

I hope your visit to our homepage turns conducive to broadening your understanding on procurement administration. Feedbacks are always welcome.